The Golden key of Konstantin Putintsev

Culture is the comprehensible language for the dialogues for civilizations. This is the universal way to communicate for all people. For culture there is no the division of the world by geographical and political boundaries, it can overcome them easily. It is able to break all formed stereotypes and phobias that build insurmountable walls of misunderstanding between people, nations, countries, civilizations... This is the golden key that opens hearts.

Frequently Konstantin Putintsev's artworks participated in exhibitions in Russia and abroad (Spain, France, Luxembourg), as well as in Louvre. Every time it was a genuine pleasure to observe the audience stop, peering at his works, as if they were involved into the world which had previously been opened only to the artist. The exquisite watercolor, blazing with colors, was amazing their imagination, fascinating, breaking the usual stereotypes of the severe "gray" image of Russia.

There are artists who impress visitors with their academically correct school, there are those who choose to be outrageous- with the purpose to shock, to astonish ... For Putintsev his paintings are an emotional language, language of feelings which are overwhelming him. There is no false in them, nothing artificial, no embellishment.

Looking at the artworks of Konstantin Putintsev, it is impossible to have even a slight doubt for a single moment in his sincere and profound love to Russia, pride for its culture and history. This sincerity can be felt by every spectator, no matter of which nationality he is and in which country he lives. This feeling rises complicity, empathy, the sense of the common sacred beginning, feeling of belonging to the unified family.

Undoubtedly, Konstantin Putintsev has the talent to talk with the audience in an welcoming language of art – the language that is beyond political and language differences. His works are the best ambassadors of Russia.

The art of Konstantin Putintsev is a golden key, that gives us an opportunity to discover the wealth and the beauty of the Russian soul.
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